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Dakshansh Education provides curated learning content specific to each school grade starting from class 6 upto 10. All learning content within Dakshansh Education is mapped chapter wise to the NCERT textbook, so that students can follow the same curriculum as being taught in school. This promotes better overall learning and creates stronger conceptual foundation.

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How to score well with Dakshansh Education

Learning with Dakshansh Education is uniquely experienced by each student during his/her learning journey. Dakshansh Education delivers through the following learning modes

Self-Paced Learning

Students learn at their own convenience from the choice of content available within Dakshansh, they practise and take tests for self assessment and get mentor support wheneven they need it.

Guided Learning

Adaptive Assessment based and Artificial Intelligence driven individualised learning path with content and practice recommendations, system-generated as per an individual’s progress.

Live Teacher-Led Learning

Dakshansh complements school learning through learn-from-home online classes, assignments and assessments to support and fortify concepts taught at school.


Dakshansh Education helps parents stay up-to-date with their child’s progress and performance because Parents’ motivation and attention can help a child study lot better.
Stay Connected With us for better performance of your child & feel free to chat/ask anything from our expert faculty.

What's Inside

Why study with us? Want to know what all you will get?

Live Classes

Free Online teacher-led sessions to aid revision and problem solving

Learning Videos

Animated and teacher-led videos explaining important fundamentals and concepts

Digitised Textbooks

Latest NCERT textbooks in a digital format for easy access

Maths Practice Engine

Clarify concepts by practicing maths online

Proven record of excellence

We have been part of the market for a long time now and we have helped multiple candidates clear their exams.

Expert Mentor Support

Subject experts for clarifying doubts and guidance for better learning.

Assignment submission

Practice makes a student perfect. Get regular online assignments so that you can become perfect.

Anytime access

Watch our classes, live or recorded, anytime from any of your devices.
Parent-Teacher discussion

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Our Student Say

Today is your opportunity to build a future of tomorrow

An educator loves to look at things differently and is constantly researching, building and implementing new ways to educate children. Dakshansh represents the ideal educator



My parents encourage me to learn with Dakshansh. It is so simple to use that learning becomes really fun.



This is the best educational app I have ever used. Dakshansh definitely makes my studies easier. I particularly find the videos and exploriments to be really useful.